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Pattaya Beach
Pattaya Beach is a stretch of some 4 kilometers long, which faces Pattaya Bay, the major venue at boats visiting Pattaya's offshore islands (located in front of the hotel).

Jomtien Beach
Jomtien Beach is a 6 kilometres long beach, some 4 kilometres south of Pattaya (located approximately 4.5 km. from the hotel).

Larn Island
Koh Larn situated to the West of Pattaya Strait, about 7.7 kilometres from the shore popularly known as Coral Island (the pier is located approximately 1 km. from the hotel or getting a private boat from Pattaya Beach).

Walking Street
Walking Street is a carnival of shopping, eating and night. Walking Street is clean and traffic is not allowed between 7 pm. to midnight and sometimes till 2 am. (approximately 800 metres from the hotel).

- Royal Garden
- The Avenue
- Central Festival (by 2008)
- Mike Shoping mall
- Golf
- Horseback Riding
- Paintball
- Bowling
- Go-Karts
- Scuba Diving / Snorkeling
- Water Skiing
- Wind Surfing
- Water Parks
- Boat Charters